Prediabetes & Metabolic Syndrome


Metabolic Syndrome and Prediabetes are major causes of cardiovascular disease and future diabetes. Metabolic syndrome may present with raised triglycerides, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol and triglycerides, high blood sugar and fat around the waist. This risk increases with age, presence of obstructive sleep apnoea, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome. Some patients with metabolic syndrome may first present with conditions such as kidney stones or fatty liver disease.

Dr Mbagaya works closely with individuals to help them avoid cardiovascular disease and the complications that come with metabolic syndrome and prediabetes. Dr Mbagaya has a keen interest in men’s health which may present with sleep difficulties, Erectile Dysfunction or low energy. A thorough medical history and examination may reveal underlying medical issues. Dr Mbagaya follows up patients with diabetes, metabolic syndrome and has been an early prescriber of GLP-1 agonists, SGLT-2 inhibitors and newer medications for metabolic conditions.

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