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Principal Investigator – ODYSSEY DM Study

Sub-Investigator of various lipid studies such as ORION-4, HERITAGE, HORIZON, REVEAL and ODYSSEY


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Abstracts And Posters

Powers, V. Mbagaya, W. Stockdale, C. Dawson, C (2016) Hyperammonaemia secondary to chemotherapy: unmasking and exacerbation of underlying urea cycle defects in two patients. J Inherit Metab Dis vol 39 pp S61.

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Teaching Activity
  • Year 3 Lead and Pathology tutor at North Somerset Academy of the University of Bristol.
  • Postgraduate teaching for junior doctors in medicine and speciality trainees in Chemical Pathology.
  • Nationwide GP teaching on different topics in Laboratory Medicine and Metabolic Medicine.
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Address Nuffield Health, Bristol Hospital
3 Clifton Hill Clifton, Bristol BS8 1BN
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