Personalised Medicine


No patient wants to feel like they are on a conveyor belt or just another number. We are all unique individuals with individual characteristics that either work in our favour or against us. A greater understanding of what is normal for us may help reduce health anxieties and unnecessary testing.

Dr Mbagaya’s approach to personalised medicine means he can tailor specific treatments for patients based on their unique conditions. He will work closely with you to determine what is normal for you.He has extensive experience in use of personalised risk calculators and tailor made risk reduction tools for his patients. He has embraced technology to support his patients in decision making and achieving personalised targets.

To determine what is normal for you, he will consider commonly neglected aspects, such as weight, height, and physical activity to create a picture or likely trends. This can detect early changes and the reduce anxiety, in some circumstances. Further, Dr Mbagaya can collaborate with you on preparing a desired test portfolio.

Dr Mbagaya also supports patients to understand the implication of any test profiles that may be undertaken as part of screening. These include genetic panel tests, metabolic profiles and tumour markers. He also supports patients through targeted testing and monitoring of specific tests.

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